First private donation to Georgia

“Ms. Jacqui Thurlow just walked into the office and expressed her kind will to donate the money to World Vision Georgia,” said Tamuna.

Ms. Thurlow agreed to make a monthly donation to World Vision’s Prevention of Infant Abandonment and Deinstitutionalization project (PIAD). Georgia has a growing with child abandonment. It is common practice for single mothers to place infants and children in institutions. Ms. Thurlow wanted to financially assist single mothers in starting or expanding small businesses.

One of the PIAD mothers, Eliso, started a secondhand clothing retail business and after some time took her infant from the institution. Later with the assistance of World Vision Georgia’s Business Development Initiative (BDI) project she took loan for expanding her small business.

“I am familiar with World Vision and I know how effectively it’s operating in the region, that’s why I decided to donate and I’m happy to see that the money is spent efficiently.” said Ms. Jacqui Thurlow, World Vision Georgia’s first private direct donor.