Mothers taking care of their children’s health

Rita recalls when she gave birth to Prabin who only weighed 900 grams. Rita didn't know why her son was underweight and how to take care of him, Prabin being her first and only child.

Luckily, Rita got an opportunity to take part in several orientations and training sessions with World Vision in Udayapur where she learnt about child nutrition, child care, water, sanitation and hygiene, breastfeeding, and the importance and preparation of sarbottam pitho (super flour).

In a year Prabin now looks healthy and is on the road to better health.

“He now weighs 7 kgs,” says Rita. “I am confident that no one in my family will have malnourished children, because I have learnt how to take precautions and ways to deal with it and I will share with them.”

In fiscal year 2015, 450 pregnant women and mothers/caregivers with children 0-23 months received nutrition and infectious disease counselling in World Vision's Udayapur West programme area.