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article • Friday, September 1st 2017

Partnership Offer to Interested Organizations, Syunik Marz

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PURPOSE OF THE PARTNERSHIP: Support Sisian and Kapan APs in implementation of development projects in 36 communities based in Sisian and Kapan areas of Syunik marz. 

PERIOD: Open ended with start date as of October 1, 2017


•Assist in Managing Sponsorship requirements (SLs, ILs, APRs, Christmas Cards, queries, Sponsorship 2.0) with due quality and according to WV standards ensuring children meaningful participation through life skills and asset building activities 

•Support in Organizing interactive games/trainings/ activities with participation of children to build assets into children's lives 

•Promote children to celebrate diversities among them (Int. disability day, Antitobaco day, Youth day, Easter, Christmas) involving all registered children (RCs)

•Support in conducting Nutrition status monitoring of RC children two times a year among children aged below 36 and once a year among 37-59 months, as well as immunization status once a year -up to completion of all required vaccinations

•Assist the ADP staff in conducting vulnerability mapping and involving the most vulnerable children (MVCs) in resilience interventions 

•Support elaborations of the individual development plans (IDPs) for selected MVC housholds and conduct social work with selected families in collaboration with all stakeholders 

•Support the local child protection actors, and ADP staff to monitor the effect of the IDPs 

•Assist in organizing public awerness campaigns in ADP communities with involvement of parents, children and other interested stakeholdres

•Assist the ADP staff in mobilizng the communities in the framework of local level advocacy  processes

•Track how Registered Children and/or families are being positively affected by ADP project activities

•Support in implementing early childhood development projects 


WVA seeks for the partnership opportunity, where the partner will bring in professional expertise, prior experience and sustainability in Syunik marz. 

Organizations interested in collaborating with World Vision Armenia are suggested to submit Partnership Project Proposals. The deadline for submission of partnership proposals is September 08 2017. 

For further information please contact Lena Karapetyan, +374(55) 32 40 65






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