Celebrating Youth Activists

President of the “Damar Omladine” Youth Association, Edin Islamovic, is full of energy as he speaks of past and future activities of his organization: from teaching kindergarten children the importance of ecology, to holding music festivals for teenagers. The association is comprised of more than 300 local teenagers and youth who are eager to improve their community. “Damar omladine” has long been World Vision’s partner in many projects.

“We have so many young people willing to work,” says Edin, 27, proudly as he points out to the direction of the local kindergarten where a group of ten members decided to improve children’s environment by re-painting benches. “[The] nongovernmental sector can accomplish many things in [the] local community and improve lives of young people,” Edin adds.

Living in small city with less than 20.000 inhabitants, Edin often sees many young people leaving this area to go to bigger cities and look for better opportunities. He understands those who leave, but also trusts that change is possible: “Before leaving, everyone should sit and think, and try to act in their local community first,” he says.

What would be Edin’s message on the International Youth Day?

“Be active, volunteer because that contributes to wellbeing of person. And, of course, be happy and smile!”