World Vision part of NATO civilian rescue exercise

World Vision Bosnia and Herzegovina took part in the NATO civilian rescue exercise ''Bosnia and Herzegovina 2017'' which aims to improve the management of the consequences of emergencies and natural disasters.

As a part of this exercise at the lake Modrac (northeast Bosnia), World Vision established a Child Friendly Space (CFS), a safe area for the youngest, that helps them regain a sense of normality and structure. CFS offers organised activities for children and gives them the opportunity to express their fears and reasons for joy.

A key principle of setting up a Child Friendly Space is that this process takes place in cooperation with local partners. CFS at the Lake Modrac was established in cooperation with the association of parents of children with disabilities ‘’Mali svijet’’ (The Little World) from the small town of Lukavac in the northeast Bosnia.

''This is the first time international organisations in BiH took part in the NATO exercise that aims to strenghten the coordination between the rescue teams and the different international and local organisations and agencies that provide humanitarian aid. By establishing the Child Safe Space, World Vision is strenghtening the capacities of rescue teams and teaching them proper conduct during emergencies that involve children'' said Almir Zulić, Livelihood and Resilience Programme Manager, World Vision Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 It is estimated that 60 percent of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been affected by the consequences of the floods that hit the country in 2014. World Vision helped by establishing 19 Child Friendly Spaces.