Improving Tuberculosis Control in Roma and Other Vulnerable Population

The project focuses on boosting the Tuberculosis (TB) case detection through active symptomatic case finding, through the following actions:

  • Outreach work in Roma communities and education on TB prevention and treatment. 
  • Sensibilization and mobilization of Roma communities around need for TB prevention
  • Identification and regular monitoring of TB patients on DOT (directly observed) treatment, and collecting sputum samples from suspect cases.
  • Distribution of food packages to patients on DOT treatment as an incentive for completing their therapy.
  •  Distribution of information and education materials (pamphlets, brochures, posters)
  • Organisation of public events and street promotions to share information on TB prevention and raise awareness on TB in Roma communities.

It is implemented in partnership with 4 established Roma Regional TB Centres (including 16 Roma outreach workers) and 76 polyvalent patronage nurses (PPNs). The project puts its focus on sharing knowledge and experience among HIV and TB outreach workers, leading towards better cooperation and wider coverage of health topics in the Roma communities.

This program is funded by Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria which aims to prevent tuberculosis and strengthen existing recording and reporting system, as well as monitoring and evaluation. 


Supported by  the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria