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World Vision at the 2021 ISPCAN International Congress

World Vision has been a proud contributor to the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) for many years.
More information about our 2021 presenters and their respective presentations can be found in the sections below.

Our Child Protection Experts

What works to end violence against children

What Works to End Violence against Children: 7 things we have learned

Preventing and addressing violence against children is an urgent and complex task, but it is possible. Over the past five years, a strong evidence base has emerged around a number of interventions and a set of strategies that can effectively reduce and eradicate this problem. This report looks at seven key lessons we've learned while working to end violence against children.

CP Systems Approach Photo

A System's Approach to Child Protection

World Vision uses a systems approach to address root causes of violence against girls and boys by empowering key actors to work together to create a protective environment that cares for and supports all children, especially the most vulnerable.