Tools and guidance for monitoring and evaluating Child Friendly Spaces

In response to the commitment to strengthen the evidence base for humanitarian practice and the prioritisation of Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) as a key area for research, World Vision and Columbia University, working with Save the Children, UNICEF and others, engaged in a collaborative project to document the outcomes and impacts of CFS and develop capacity for rigorous evaluation. A series of impact evaluations were carried out over three years in multiple countries. The findings were published in a research report (Evaluation of Child Friendly Spaces). This document draws on the learning and experience of the project to provide practical guidance to child protection and MHPSS practitioners for monitoring and evaluating child friendly spaces. It presents tools for planning and implementing monitoring and evaluation of CFS. For each tool, the objectives are explained, along with insights and lessons on the usefulness of the tool based on the learning and experiences of the evaluation teams. 

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