What We Do

World Vision works to protect the well-being of children caught up in natural, man-made and complex emergencies. Working in almost 100 countries worldwide, we act before, during and after disasters strike, often providing assistance in some of the world’s most hostile environments.

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In 2014, World Vision responded to 132 emergencies across 72 countries, providing US$632 milllion worth of aid to reach almost 11 million people, 7.1 million of those were children. Our approach to disaster management incorporates early warning, risk reduction and preparedness before disaster strikes. Our immediate response to a disaster is followed by recovery and transition phases to help communities re-establish their livelihoods and be more resilient to future disasters.

We are currently responding to 23 emergencies across 26 countries. Read the latest news and stories from our emergency responses or learn more about one of our major global responses: