The Flood Mitigation and Community Resilience (FMCR) Project

The FMCR project is dedicated to providing appropriate response to ensure life-changing measures and basic services for communities. The project is engaged in the empowerment of communities through institutional building and job creation. The strong partnerships with communities, government and other agencies have been a key factor in the success of WVE. Through these partnerships, WVE has been part of building a sustainable future for children and families. MORE

European Commission (EC) Food Security Project

The European Commission Food Security Project aims to improve the livelihoods for most vulnerable households in Southern part of Ethiopia. The Project’s GOAL is to contribute to a sustainable asset stabilization and accumulation of PSNP beneficiary HHs in six selected Woredas (Kedida Gamela, Kacha Bira, Sodo Zuria, Humbo, Mirab Abaya, Chencha) of the South Nations Nationalities Peoples’ Regional States (SNNPRS) in Ethiopia. MORE


As in many parts of the country, uncontrolled population growth created high population density in Humbo wereda, wolayita zone, SNNPR. These have lead Humbo community to encroach into the forest for expansion of farm and grazing land, charcoal production, firewood collection and search of construction materials among others. As a result, the mountain becomes unproductive. These have resulted in severe soil erosion, silt load, gulley formation, and low crop yield in downstream areas. To avert the situation and improve the resilience capacity of the community against climate change and ensure sustainable development, WVE started to implement Humbo Project with the objective of restoring the 2728ha of a degraded mountain as a priority area. MORE