Child in lockdown in their home in Asia during COVID-19

COVID-19 puts millions of children at increased risk of violence

Let's protect children from all forms of abuse

Even before COVID-19 upended families, societies, economies and systems, one billion children (half the world's children) would be affected by some form of violence each year!

The ripple effects of the pandemic are putting an additional 85 million children at risk of physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse.

As part of our global response to COVID-19, we are working to limit the spread of the virus while also helping protect children from the direct and indirect impacts COVID-19 is having on them, their families and their communities.

Around the world, our teams are influencing policies to ensure children are protected from violence. Help us advocate for the most vulnerable and ensure erradicating violence against children is a prirority for leaders.

Malati uses advocacy to fight child marriage Nepal

Fighting to protect children from marriage

Hidden Hero in plain sight

Out of the ruins of one of Nepal’s worst natural disasters, a young girl from a mountain village created lasting change for girls in her community.

Aftershocks a perfect storm

A perfect storm:


As many as 85 million children are at increased risk of violence as a result of COVID-19. Learn about the problem and our efforts to protect children.