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Ordinary People. Extraordinary Impact.

Hidden Hero

Ordinary People Coming Together for Extraordinary Impact 

Behind all the work that World Vision has been part of for the past 70 years, ordinary people - hidden heroes- have risen to meet the most relevant challenges of every era.

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Today, we face a new challenge, a crisis of global proportions.

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Decades of experience responding to the most critical issues

For 70 years, World Vision has brought heroes together during some of the world's darkest times to create better futures for vulnerable children.

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Hidden heroes taking action to fight COVID-19

When global disease outbreaks such as COVID-19, Ebola, Zika and H1N1 occur, we are on the ground, quickly providing support for vulnerable children...

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Coming together for global impact

We are responding to COVID-19 in every country where we work aiming to reach at least 72 million people.

The role of faith leaders in the fight against COVID-19, world vision staff pray with beneficiaries in Honduras

Faith Leaders, making a difference on the frontlines

Faith leaders have a unique role to play in community development--especially in times of crisis.  

As a faith-based organisation, we have been partnering with faith leaders from around the world from the very beginning.

Today, we are partnering with with faith leaders around the world in the fight against COVID-19.

Do you know a hidden hero?

We want to hear your stories! Nominate your hidden hero using #HiddenHero.

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