School Journey: Climbing rocks, crossing streams




School journey: Little knights on horses




College Students' Contribution to Change Villager's Life






Katana Children's Wonderful Water Spinach



Reaching the Isolated Wana Sub Village



national children day 2014 at jayawijaya








Sinabung Eruption - update Feb 23rd 2014




Mount Kelud Eruption update: Ashes are Still Everywhere

The condition by today in Kediri: ashes are still everywhere. Due to rain, it is more solid and reduce the air pollution. Authority already on the move by providing scraper which sweep out the ashes.


Manado Flash Floods update: World Vision Prioritize Aid for Children in Manado

World Vision Indonesia distribute school kit to Soegyopranoto elementary school. At the same time, one of the staff of World Vision give counseling how to be ready when flash floods come.


Manado Flash Floods update: Distribute School Kit and Hygiene Kit

World Vision Indonesia, a humanitarian organization who focuses on children prioritized its effort to answer the needs in education and health. More than 2000 packages provided for kids and families are in distribution process starting Wednesday, 5 February 2014 at Dendengan Dalam and several other areas in Manado.


Mount Sinabung: Distribution Hygiene Kit and Latest Situation

Children's hygiene kits have arrived at the Batak Karo Protestant Church (GBKP) Kabanjahe warehouse and are ready for distributing to internally displaced peoples. The response hopes to distribute 1000 children's hygiene kit through the end of response in mid-March.


Manado Flash Floods update - 4th February 2014

The government is working together with people from around neighborhoods ready to assist in the cleaning. Wahana Visi Indonesia, as a partner of World Vision still continues to distribute School Kits and Hygiene Kits for Family and Children in some locations.


Flood Strikes Jakarta

Due to the heavy rain that hit Jakarta since 12th January 2014, water inundating hundred of homes. In some places, the water reported to be as deep as 2 meters. The number of evacuees rises to more than 10.000 people. Wahana Visi Indonesia has started to channeling aid to the children, impacted by flood.


Mount Sinabung Eruption

Government raised the status of Mount Sinabung, North Sumatera to red alert on Sunday 24 November. All people living in the radius of five kilometer from the peak of the mountain has to leave their villages and find safer places to live. More than 5,000 people have been evacuated from towns and villages in North Sumatera's Karo Regency since Mount Sinabung erupt in October.


Words for Philippines

With prayers and sincere wishes to encourage friends in the Philippines, they sent inspiring words in unique way- using paper, crayons, markers, and even banners to convey their feelings.