Food Security and Resilience

To help vulnerable households produce enough food to meet their children’s nutrition needs, we are partnering with the government of Malawi to improve families’ access to food and resilience in the face of emergencies. We do this through the mobilization of communities. By building their income-generating capacities, by helping them to produce commodities for food and by linking them to government extension workers, families are able to produce more food and more income. We also mobilize rural communities through savings groups that give vulnerable families access to loans, which help them start small-scale businesses and enables them to lift themselves out of poverty. 

In collaboration with Vision Fund and Farm Concern International, we are implementing a five-year Transforming Household Resilience in Vulnerable Environments (THRIVE) programme. The programme which started in 2017 is working to build increased household incomes and productive assets and enabling households to adopt improved farming and management of natural resources techniques, facilitating the transformation of smallholder farmers and their families from dependence to an empowered worldview.

Highlights of our work in 2017:
  • 4,388 Savings Groups saved a total of $738,660 USD
  • 12,640 households were supported with farm inputs to increase production
  • 105 farmer field schools were established
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