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article • Thursday, March 7th 2019

Strength in Crisis - Djeneba's Story

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Djeneba Yalcouye, 39, is a strong woman with seven (7) children, four (4) boys and three (3) girls, she lives in Iriguily commune in Kendié Cercle, Bandiagara.

Due to insecurity in her region, hundreds of thousands of families have been displaced or at risk in Central Mali.

"I thought we are working for our development."

“I can’t find the words to express the benefits of the project. Before this project, we were hungry. We lived in the painful conditions, my children and I, with no access to credit and other things. Even my shallot seeds were rotten. I was hopeless and desperate, and then I found out about this World Vision Resilience Project in partnership with WFP.

"Thanks to this project I can provide for my children and myself."

Despite the explanations of the conditions of the project, some did not believe the work for money concept. I thought we are working for our development.

One morning, on 17 November 2019, the project committee informed us that our payment for 13 days of work was ready and everyone received 19,500 FCFA (approx. $40 USD). The second distribution surprised us even more when everyone received 60,000 FCFA (approx. $120).

With the money, I started to fill my seed bank and replaced my shallot seed. I was so happy. I thank God (Allah) for putting these organizations (World Vision and WFP) in our path. Thanks to this project I can provide for my children and myself.

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