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Child Protection and Advocacy

Child Protection & Advocacy is the advocacy in child protection that aims to prevent and respond to all forms of child abuse and neglect. Its objective is to identify the types of abuses that can be found in a locality through the ADAPT tool in order to take different and appropriate actions to eradicate them.

ADAPT: Child Protection Analysis Design and Planning Tool

A tool that allows the assessment of the different types of violence, abuse, etc. children face in various situations and localities/zones and helps tailor programming better respond to the needs.


For example, according to our Lot Quality Assessment Survey (LQAS) 2018, the percentage of girls and boys who feel safe and protected from abuse, exploitation and other forms of violence such as early marriage and female genital mutilation in their families and communities stood 75% in Chiriwa, from 60% in 2017. At the closing of the Koloni area programme in the same zone, the figure stood at over 81% in 2017.