Channels of Hope approach for HTSP/FP information and services demand creation in Burundi

In Burundi, a high total fertility rate of 6.4, a low 18.9% contraceptive prevalence rate among married women, and a maternal mortality ratio of 499/100,000 paint a dismal picture for the current state of sexual reproductive health and rights (BDHS2010). While the government and partners are trying to increase the quality and quantity of available services in the area of sexual and reproductive health, the majority of interventions currently implemented focus on provision of services and commodities and the exchange of information. It is important that gender and socio-cultural barriers be addressed in order to maximize the impact of other interventions focused on quality of care and access to services.  World Vision’s RAMBA Sexual and Reproductive Health project is 3 years (2015-2017), €1.9 million EUR project funded by European Union in partnership with World Vision aimed at addressing socio-cultural barriers and works in four provinces in Burundi: Cankuzo, Mwaro, Muramvya, and Gitega.