Children participate to spread awareness


Supported by World Vision, the drama group called Jhorahat Natya Samuha, performs to create awareness about the community’s existing stigmas and superstitions related to subjects like: health, girl child discrimination, unproductive work, poor harmony, and solidarity among villagers. It is showcased in the local languages of the district namely Uraw, Satar, Maithili, Khawas, Tharu, Nepali, Santhal, and Hindi.

The popular drama group is led by young boys and girls to highlight issues relevant to their communities, and is an effective tool in bringing positive changes. With successful performances on the International Day of the Girl Child, the group caught the attention of local and national media. World Vision promotes child participation in all its working areas in Nepal and ensures that children are respected participants in decisions that affect their lives.

Photo and story by: WVI Nepal staff, Morang ADP