Maker Faire: where ideas transform into reality

Kathmandu officially made its stamp on the global Maker Movement with the arrival of the inaugural humanitarian Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire (KMMF) where the very best in Nepali innovation and entrepreneurship was showcased alongside selected international makers. The event was held at Nepal Communitere in Pulchowk on September 24 and 25.

In partnership with World Vision Nepal Innovation Lab and the US Embassy, the faire acted as a forum to highlight the Maker and Do It Yourself (DIY) movement - specifically with a unique focus on humanitarian innovation to rebuild Nepal.

This Maker Faire brought together technologists, innovators, tinkerers and artisans to showcase an array of innovative projects, cutting edge technologies, arts and crafts, science, and engineering. The KMMF focused on projects that aim to serve as social innovations to help community needs.

During the speaker series, Sebastien Maupas and Suyog Chalise from Nepal Innovation Lab briefed the audience about the platform that the lab has created for fostering humanitarian projects. They also talked about Human Centered Design as one of the framework used by the lab to support innovation. Finally, Justin Henceroth from FieldSight presented his project about a construction supervision system.

Nepali people have the desire and passion to rebuild their lives, homes, and livelihoods, but many are left without the resources and opportunities required to strengthen the process. KMMF demonstrated to the Nepali people and the international development community the opportunities to leverage the DIY movement with a unique focus on humanitarian innovation to rebuild Nepal.

Sandip Bhattarai, a visitor, said after visiting Field Ready which is another project from the lab, "As a science student I really liked the 3D printing workshops. I enjoyed watching live 3D printing. I also got to learn about drones and solar power technology."

The event was successful in drawing attention to the rising Nepali makers and technology sector which have remained relatively unknown until now.

Nepal Innovation Lab

The Nepal Innovation Lab, established as part of World Vision lnternational Nepal Earthquake Response, is a place for new ideas, products, technologies, and processes to be developed and tested towards the goal of achieving breakthroughs in disaster response, both for Nepal's recovery from earthquake and for the humanitarian sector more generally.