Nutritious food for a stronger and healthier life

“I am strong and can dance because I eat well!” declares Samikshya, 7, who studies in Upper Kindergarten and loves to dance and sing.

Her mother Gita received training about health and nutrition organised by World Vision. She learned more about nutritious food and different ways of preparing balanced meals.

Samikshya enjoys eating different vegetables, fruits and especially eggs.

Gita grows vegetables at her parent’s house, which is very near so they are fresh and nutritious. She usually cooks Nepali food for her children in the morning, for lunch, and in the evening for dinner. She also has a one-year-old son, Barsan.

Both her children love eating food cooked by her. Gita prepares rice, green vegetables, pickles, dal, and gives milk curd and fruits to her children on a regular basis.

They usually eat meals together, in the kitchen or outside on the balcony because it is very hot inside the house in summer and there is a nice breeze on the balcony.

When Samikshya goes to school Gita packs her food and sends in a tiffin box for her.

“The meals we eat are very balanced and nutritious. Many ingredients we’ve been using for generations, so they are something everyone in the community eats. These foods help our bodies, but also with mental growth so it is very important,” says Gita.

“I love to eat eggs as they are very tasty and it makes me stronger. I like cauliflower too as it tastes good and it looks like flower. I actually love everything my mom cooks,” says Samikshya as she looks at her mother and gives a grin.