Grand Child Congress, Kathmandu

Girls from Kathmandu participate in the Grand Child Congress, a yearly event organised by child clubs to promote children's participation in community development with a showcase of their talents.

Besides events like the Grand Child Congress, child clubs organise regular activities such as learning how to write better, spelling contests, drawing competitions, skit shows, preparing wall magazines, street dramas etc.  Child clubs also organise street dramas based on social issues such as the discrimination suffered by a female child, the disadvantages of drinking alcohol and drug use, the importance of education, etc. Child club activities provide a platform for children to have their voices heard in their communities and thereby affect decision-makers.

Child clubs are set up in communities to promote child rights’ awareness; child rights’ development; advocacy; and capacity building. The hope is that children will develop a vision, and a plan in their lives.

At present there are 18 child clubs supported by WVIN Kathmandu ADP.