Kailali Scholarship Programme

Two years ago, Sita dreaded the time when her exams came. Her father, a labourer in India, used to spend all his money on alcohol. Her mother, a housewife, could not even afford to pay Sita’s exam fee. Now a beneficiary of WVIN Kailali ADP scholarship programme, Sita gets to sit for all her exams.

Despite their willingness and interest, many girls in Kailali are compelled to drop out of school by 5th or 6th grade, due to their family’s poor economic condition, lack of awareness, and the existing socio-cultural norms.

The introduction to WVIN Kailali Scholarship programme has relieved their parents’ shortcoming and the girls, are now dreaming of higher education. The scholarship programme provides tuition fees, exam fees, uniforms and the required stationary.

Sita, 16, is in her 3rd year of scholarship with WVIN Kailali ADP. She studies in Sarsawati Secondary Government School in class eight. She lives with her mother, younger sister and two brothers.

Smiling Sita says, “I am very happy to be in the scholarship programme. Since then, I have been studying very hard and help my brothers too. I am living my dream now.”