Supplier registration for business

World Vision International Nepal (WVIN) continuously expands its suppliers database. WVIN invites qualified interested suppliers to provide information for supplier registration. The Companies who fit these requirements shall be invited to Request for Quotation (RFQ) for further business.

WVIN ensures transparent competitive procedures among suppliers in local, regional or international markets. WVIN and implementing partners treat suppliers equally and fairly and the Procurement Committee evaluates offers based on clearly defined award criteria informed to suppliers. Individuals involved in the Procurement Procedures have declared that they will perform their duties honestly, fairly and impartially, free from any real or apparent conflict of interest. Information obtained in the course of these independent procedures is confidential and without disclosure to third parties.

If you have any suggestions, please send email to:

Download the Supplier Registration Form and submit the filled Suppliers Registration Form at this address:

Supply Chain Department
National Office, World Vision International Nepal
5th Floor, Karmachari Sanchaya Kosh Building
Lagankhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

Phone: 1 5548877 (Ext 190, 191, 192 and 284)

Supplier Registration Form for General

Supplier Registration Form for Hotel

Supplier Registration Form for Vocational Training

Supplier Registration Form for Consultant

Note: Except the Hotel, vocational training and consultant all suppliers are requested to fill the Registration Form for General.

Terms and Conditions (Mandatory):

  1. Filled Supplier registration form including Company Profile, Copy of valid company registration certificate, Copy of VAT/Tax registered certificate, Copy of Latest Audit Report should be submitted in a closed and sealed envelope to the address mentioned above.
  2. The envelope should clearly be marked with the subject you are submitting for, from the list above.

Award Criteria

WVIN has basic principal of award to suppliers who conforms best quality and value for money, which ensures efficiency, effectiveness and economy in procurement. This means that WVIN awards the contract to the Supplier offering the lowest price while being substantially responsive and technically compliant.  Provided further that the supplier appears to have the capability and resources to carry out the Contract effectively. WVIN includes ethical award criteria whenever it is relevant and pertinent.

To get the information about recent procurement update, please visit the link below:

WVIN Procurement

Please check back for regular updates

WVIN Supplier Code of Conduct 

PDF iconWV_Supplier Code of Conduct.pdf


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