The labyrinth in "Skënderbej" Square

66% of parents or primary caregivers consider violence as a disciplinary mean

12 November 2020 – Violence against children remains among the most worrying phenomena in society, even more evident during emergencies. According to the report on the impact of the pandemic on the well-being of children and families in Albania, about 50% of parents report presence of verbal violence and 20% of them report presence of physical violence at home.

The increase in the number of cases made public, especially in recent months, shows that there is an urgent need for institutions to coordinate, cooperate and act, not only to increase the number of reports to the responsible structures, but also to provide preventive services.

This is also the purpose of the installation of the project ‘Into the Labyrinth’ located in the centre of Tirana. It will be open until November 20, 2020. Through an individual experience in the installation, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your role as a parent, family member or citizen in the process of raising your children, as well as the long-term impact that today's actions and decisions have on the child's future. It takes a whole world to end violence against children, it takes all of us, the family, school, community, the commitment of institutions at local and central level so that violence on children in Albania is decreased.

“Each child should live the life in all its fullness, protected from all forms of violence and abuse. We are the ones who, as individuals, but also as part of the institutions and organizations we represent, should make children feel protected, valued. The figures are alarming. 66% of parents or primary caregivers consider violence as a means of disciplining children. So how are we influencing the well-being of children? This is the main question we bring through the Labyrinth, which encourages us to reflect before we act and make decisions for our children. Child protection is one of the priority aspects of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and as such should be ensured in the family, school and community, "- underlines Eljona Boçe Elmazi, National Director of World Vision Albania.

World Vision Albania child-wellbeing monitoring findings show that about 60% of children and adolescents report to have experienced violence.

Ergis, one of the adolescents of the IMPACT club in Kamza says: “My main message is addressed to all institutions that should have a special focus on the protection of human rights, especially children, as well as to guarantee the implementation of laws. Any case of reported violence, whether physical or psychological, must be dealt with until resolved. The municipalities of the country should have centres/facilities with special programs that increase the responsibility of citizens to care for children and young people like me.

The launching event of this project will be on Thursday, November 12, at 15:00 in "Skënderbej" Square as a collaboration of World Vision Albania with the support of Spar Albania, part of Balfin Group and in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and Tirana Municipality.

The labyrinth will remain open for 8 days and anti COVID-19 measures will be strictly applied. For each visitor there will be provided facemasks. Entrance will be individual and with a time distance of 3 minutes from the previous visitor. For people with disabilities assistance is provided to support access in information and infrastructure of the Labyrinth.

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