"Untold stories 3": Let's say no to trafficking through art competition

Untold stories 3
Monday, February 5, 2024

World Vision Albania and UNICEF Albania are pleased to invite all Albanian new artists aged 16+ years old (living in the country or abroad), to participate at the national painting and black and white drawing competition “Untold Stories 3”.

Through art, the competition seeks to bring awareness to the diverse narratives and complexities surrounding human trafficking, as a distressful issue affecting men and women, girls and boys in Albania. It will serve as a platform/space for artists to express their interpretations, perspectives, and experiences related to this phenomenon. The artworks created through the competition will be showcased in the art gallery, offering a platform to confront the harsh realities of trafficking, challenge prevailing misconceptions, and ignite a call to action. These powerful visual representations will initiate meaningful discussions, raise awareness, and stimulate critical thinking about human trafficking.

“Untold Stories 3” competition builds upon the successful experience of the past two editions in 2021 and 2022.

Join us in this endeavor of acknowledging the voices of survivors, comprehending the complex nature of trafficking, and uniting in the collective pursuit of prevention, assisting the victims and bringing hope for a better future.

Details for participation in the Competition:

  1. This competition is open to new artists 16+ years old, Albanians living in the country or abroad;
  2. Participants can submit their entries by email at worldvisionalbania@wvi.org
  3. Each participant can submit up to 3 (three) artworks;
  4. Each artwork (painting and/or black and white drawing) should be submitted in a photograph format (jpg; pdf; jpeg), covering the full drawing and named as follows: Untold Stories_Name Surname of applicant_ Title/short caption_number of the artwork;
  5. No editing is allowed for the photographs on the artwork/s shared by the participants;
  6. The participant should confirm in writing via the application email that s/he is the author of the artwork/s;
  7. The deadline to submit your works is 29 February, 23:59 hrs.

Specifications on the artwork/s:

  1. The artwork/s should be an original piece, never displayed before to the public and/or in other public events;
  2. The artwork/s should show the author’s vision on human trafficking, how and why the artwork has been conceived, what they would like to convey to the viewer;
  3. If the artwork/s include a physical person(s), they should not be identifiable, or the participant should have the consent of the person/s captured in the artwork/s prior to using their image;
  4. Each of the artworks should include a title/short caption, which needs to be inserted in the application email, corresponding with the number of the artwork, following the example: Untold Stories_Name Surname of applicant_ Title/short caption_number of the artwork;
  5. The artwork should display situations that relate to modern slavery, human trafficking, forms of exploitation including online threats, the impact of human trafficking on individual and family lives, survival stories, how human trafficking affects youth and children, etc.;
  6. The artworks (painting and/or drawing/s) should original and no digitally made/retouched artworks are allowed.

Selection of the winners:

  1. A selection and evaluation jury are established for the purpose of this project. The jury members are carefully selected, based on predefined and specific Terms of Reference. The jury is composed of competent, professional and impartial individuals, making sure all competition guidelines and procedures are implemented correctly during the assessment and awarding process.
  2. A WVA and UNICEF staff member will be part of the selection panel.
  3. The idea, concept and originality of the artwork/s will guide the evaluation/selection process;
  4. The artwork/s should be powerful, inspirational and empowering and clearly sharing a message on the suggested theme;
  5. The artwork/s should aim to create an overall impact and visual appeal to the general audience.
  6. Failure to applying the specifications of the artwork/s, will lead to disqualification and refuse of entry;
  7. Winners will be notified beforehand and announced publicly at the exhibition;
  8. The jury members and their close family members are not eligible to apply for this competition.

Copyright of the Selected Entries:

  1. The author will sign a document to grant UNICEF Albania the copyright of the artwork/s;
  2. For awarded entries, the copyright holder/author grants World Vision Albania and UNICEF Albania unlimited exclusive use of artwork/s photos for activities in all media outlets, including social media and online and print media, in relation to the contest, the exhibition, the public archive, and all promotional and educational activities without any remuneration being due;

The Art Exhibition:

  1. A dedicated public exhibition will be organized displaying a selection of the best participating artworks;
  2. All entries displayed at the exhibition should be the original version of the artworks (painting or black and white drawings);
  3. The author retains the right to material possession of the artwork and can take it back once the exhibition is over, if the author prefers to;
  4. For the purpose of the project and exhibition, each of the paintings and/or drawings will be labeled mentioning: name of the exhibition, author of the artwork, title/caption of the artwork;
  5. The displayed artworks will be photographed in a high-resolution format, intended for printed version and multiuse purpose of the artwork;

The Prizes:

  1. Three winners will be selected. Each will win a tablet and a book;
  2. Each winner will be notified by phone and email. All participants must provide correct names, telephone numbers and email addresses;
  3. If a winner cannot be notified within seven (7) week days, or does not respond, the prize will be awarded to the following ranking participant assigned by the jury; 
  4. There will be no substitutions or cash alternatives for the prize;
  5. The artworks will be presented and displayed in a public exhibition;