Tackling violence against children with educative caravan in Maradi and Zinder, Niger

Niger is one of the countries in the world most affected by violence against children. Indeed, the living conditions of children are very precarious. Among the forms of violence, one of the most devastating is child marriage. However, this practice varies considerably depending on the region of the country. Despite the efforts of the Government of Niger and its partners, the prevalence rate of child marriage has changed little in the last 20 years. This rate, 76.3% according to the latest demographic survey 2012, is the highest in the world. The average age of first marriage for girls is around 16 while that of boys is 25. The prevalence of child marriage is higher in rural areas (85%) than in urban areas (44%). This phenomenon could be explained by social, cultural and economic reasons.

It is in this context that our caravan is touring in the regions of Maradi and Zinder, aiming to educate the local population on the negative effects of violence against children in general and early marriage in particular.

Here are some photos capturing key and exciting moments of the tour.