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Hunger, conflict, gender: the themes of World Vision's top five articles of 2022

The top five thought leadership articles published this year by World Vision experts that you may have missed. 

Child food middle east malnutrition

1. Five countries that could face starvation due to Ukraine conflict

Even in March, it was clear that, as the Ukraine conflict was causing food prices to spike around the world, so countries would edge closer to extreme hunger and even famine. Food costs are still high, and these countries are still facing massive food shortages, which World Vision and its partners are working to mitigate. Read article 


child sitting in damaged building

2. Five surprising ways war can harm children

We have seen the impact of war on the children of Ukraine. Conflict is one of the biggest blocks to a child living life in all its fullness and, sadly, millions of children right around the world are affected. Read article


child in school with mask giving a thumbs up

3. Changing Course, Transforming Education

Education is a universal human right. Every child deserves the chance to learn in a safe, friendly environment. When a child explained she had been tear-gassed in school Lauren Taylor had to write about it. Read article 


Girl sitting on a bed holding sanitary product

4. Periods: Private, but not a secret - it's time to normalise 

Did you know that half a billion people live without adequate menstrual hygiene? These four pillars are vital to achieving effective menstrual health and hygiene. Read article


Woman from Indonesia wearing a headscarf holding money

5. Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion experts Abigail Howe-Will and Sarah Shteir wrote for International Women's Day about five ways they discovered that women’s empowerment boosts child well-being. Read article


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