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World Vision is a partner in Joining Forces, which was initiated by the CEOs in 2017, and is a collaborative initiative of six child-focused international NGOs: Child Fund Alliance, Plan International, Save the Children, SOS Children's Villages International, Terres des Hommes International Federation, and World Vision. Joining Forces aims to use its collective power to: accelerate change, secure children’s rights and end violence against them. Joining Forces pilots and scales innovative and effective approaches worldwide and is driven by the voices and needs of children.   

The Joining Forces approach puts children at the centre of all that it does; Joining Forces is committed to supporting children to raise their voices, to take action as agents of change and to hold Joining Forces to account, ensuring children’s experiences and views shape the solutions for the problems they face.  

To achieve this vision, Joining Forces has two specific goal areas:   

1) Child Rights Now! 

To ensure the world makes substantial progress towards the realisation of children’s rights, as set out in the UN CRC, through implementation of the SDGs and driven by increased political commitment and accountability.   

2) Ending violence against children

Recognizing the urgent needs of the 1.7 billion children who experience violence every year, we aim to substantially reduce violence against all children –  especially the most vulnerable.   

To bring to realisation these key goals, Joining Forces seeks to “join together as the world’s largest child-focused NGOs” to engage with strategic private and public donors to secure global and national level transformative resources to drive joint programs to end violence against children. 

Joining Forces seeks to be country-led and is currently in 23 countries: 

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