Cash transfer programming and child protection in humanitarian action: Review and opportunities to strengthen the evidence

Cash transfer programming and child protection in humanitarian action report produced by Alliance for Child Protection with World Vision, International Rescue Committee, and CPC Learning Network
Thursday, October 10, 2019

As the prevalence of cash transfer programming in humanitarian response has increased, so too has the recognition that the child protection sector must learn how to use cash transfer programs to achieve better results for children. This report summarizes the evidence for cash transfer programming and child protection in humanitarian contexts and recommends areas for action and further research. It highlights the gaps, needs, and opportunities found in the literature and confirmed by experts working across child protection, cash transfer programming, and other relevant areas of humanitarian action and international development. The findings and recommendations are intended to guide the Cash Transfer and Child Protection Task Force of the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action as it generates participation and investment in a multi-year research agenda.