Cash round table hosted by World Vision and CaLP event report on cash and vouchers as an enabler for financial inclusion, child-sensitive social protection mechanisms, and child well-being.

The humanitarian currency enabling children’s future: Inter-agency cash roundtable May 2019

Co-hosts – The Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP), World Vision, and the Global Child Protection Alliance – presented at a cash roundtable with a focus on the current landscape, recent research and how to increase the scale and quality of cash and voucher assistance (CVA) programming in May 2019. Topics covered included:

  • Cash landscape 
  • Protecting and promoting child well-being in emergencies 
  • Cash readiness, MPCA and linkages to (child-sensitive) social protection mechanisms 

Key recommendations of group work included the urgent need for child-focused agencies and CVA technical experts in the Child Protection Alliance to create a coherent framework of child rights-based standards, principles and indicators for planning and implementing CVA that is child-sensitive.