Strengthening Inclusive Education in Nepal (Sikai) Project- Mid Term Review Brief

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Strengthening Inclusive Education in Nepal (Sikai) Project was designed with the goal of: ‘Most vulnerable children access and participate equally in education and achieve equitable learning outcomes in basic education in the target district’. The project focuses on three main outcomes: improving school structures to encourage inclusive education (IE), changing the behaviours of parents and communities concerning children’s education, and improving the policy framework and service delivery of rural municipalities to affect IE.

Sikai is being implemented by a consortium of three partners: World Vision International Nepal (lead organisation), Handicap International, and World Education in 58 schools and 23 madrasas in four municipalities of Sarlahi district of Nepal. The project aims to reach 56,457 people (Men: 15,924; Women: 17,076; Boys: 11,298, Girls: 12,159) over a period of five years (July 2018-June 2024). The project is funded by the  Australian Government through its Australian NGO Cooperation Programme.

This brief contains major findings and recommendations from the mid-term review of Sikai project.