Learning to See the Climate Crisis

Climate crisis research title
Saturday, December 2, 2023

Climate change poses a significant threat to global socioecological systems, with predictions of surpassing critical atmospheric warming thresholds by 2040.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) faces intensifying climate challenges, including rising temperatures and extreme weather events. The devastating 2014 floods exemplify these climate threats. Economic and infrastructural constraints, compounded by a high unemployment rate and past conflict damages, hinder adaptation.

Amidst these transformations, it is crucial to recognize that children and young people will bear the brunt of the changing climate. As the future stewards of the environment and the upcoming decisionmakers, their perspectives and actions are pivotal in addressing the climate crisis effectively.

This research aims to explore how children and young people in Bosnia & Herzegovina conceptualize environmental knowledge. It specifically investigates their level of concern about climate change, their understanding of its consequences and impacts on their lives, and their preparedness to cope with climate-related disasters. Additionally, the study explores the extent of children and young people's engagement with climate change as a pressing issue.

Through a mixed-method design, this research delved into the perceptions of climate change among children, adolescents and young people in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Employing both qualitative key informant interviews and quantitative surveys, data was gathered from a convenient sample representing diverse communities where World Vision has active programs for children and youth.