Rights and Duties of African Children

World Vision Senegal and The Grand Mother Project NGO, with the participation of the Education and Training Inspectorate of Vélingara, co-authored a booklet on Rights of children.It aims to help children understand their rights and that beyond their rights, they have duties to perform towards their families and communities. Thus, to facilitate proper understanding by children, the booklet uses concrete examples to explain specific rights and duties including: the right to health, and the right to basic education versus the duty to learn one’s culture: the right to study versus the duty to learn and the right to protection versus the duty to obey adults. 
 This booklet is prepared to stimulate discussions in classrooms with children on the application of their rights. The authors propose several formulas: children can initiate a dialogue, or organize a skit or role play which dramatizes and challenges regarding issues of the respect of rights or duties... 
 "The rights and duties of African children" is also instrumental for communities to learn and be acquainted with child rights. Community leaders or officials can organize inter and intra generational discussion sessions on one or more issues of child rights or duties. They could also organize “eventful days” dedicated to exploring issues the rights and duties of children within the community. For example, students and teachers can illustrate an example by organizing a sanitation day in the village public square. 
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