Solomon Islands Flood Response

Following days of heavy rain, river banks were strained and eventually broke inundating communities in Honiara and Guadalcanal Plains on 3 April 2014. Some 52,000 people were affected by the floods and 23 people lost their lives. More than 2,000 families were left without homes as a result of the floods and thousands of livelihoods were destroyed. The flood water and debris damaged hundreds of boreholes and water wells leaving thousands of people without access to clean water.

World Vision responded quickly to the flooding by dispatching emergency aid and essential items such as food, water, shelter kits, family kits, and hygiene and sanitation supplies in coordination with the Solomon Islands National Disaster Management Office, Honiara City Council, Guadalcanal Province and other agencies.

World Vision provided management and coordination support to the National Disaster Management Office, used its smart phone technology to assist with assessment, provided livelihoods support, shelter assistance and was a lead organisation for water, sanitation and hygiene activities. World Vision also provided support through Child and Women Friendly Spaces.

Download our factsheet to learn more about World Vision’s response to the worst disaster to hit Solomon Islands in 30 years.