Adela’s Lessons

Adela’s Lessons

“I gained self-confidence and went from the quiet girl scared to talk to  someone who is ready to form well-argumented responses when I think I am right.

Expressing my thoughts is no longer a fear of mine, despite facing opposition most of the time.

Previously, when I was taking part in debates, I’d be very calm, recalling my teacher’s words: “shouting doesn’t make you a better debater; it doesn’t mean you’re right”.

One major lesson for me was the importance of teamwork and volunteer work, but also about how common people, people with no “superpowers”, can solve challenging tasks by working together. Learning how important it is to raise your voice against injustice, not to be passive, and to stand up for others when needed helped me grow further.

I’ve also gained personal skills that were new to me. I now like to write about social issues, abstract topics, on love, regret, hate, feminism, and so on.

Music is important to me, both listening to it therapeutically as well as singing. I really like singing, not in front of others though, despite I tool part in competitions and even won prizes.”

These are some of the lessons Adela shares with us; lessons she gained from her involvement in IMPACT youth groups, she joined four years ago in sixth grade. Today, she is in high school and misses being part of the group.

Looking back on myself from four years ago. The day I joined the IMPACT group was the best decision I’d ever made. I’m very happy and thankful towards everyone who gave me this opportunity, starting with World Vision, our coordinating teachers and all the support staff. I think luck was on my side and every child should make the most of the opportunities they are given. Young people should believe in themselves and their power, they should love themselves and work to achieve every single goal and dream they have. Sometimes the smallest of opportunities can lead to the most unpredictable success and happiness.

This is the message Adela, now 18, signs off with, as she says she now shares her lessons with her friends and peers, who she wants to see improve, which she says can only start from within.

According to World Vision Albania’s 2021 Annual Report, 98 IMPACT clubs started 148 community initiatives, benefitting 17,600 other young people all over Albania.