Dressed in White

Gender-based violence continues to be present in Albania, and the data are disturbing. According to the "Empowered Women, Empowered Children" study, 57% of girl children and 22% of women reported experiencing gender-based violence.

The data is based on the findings of the study conducted in 2021 by World Vision Albania, where 464 children aged 11-17 and 464 women (mothers) aged 35-50 participated in 8 areas of the country.

In the framework of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence and the commitment to the empowerment of girls and women, World Vision Albania organized a fundraising evening, finding support for the cause from different sectors of society.

The evening brought together our partners in civil society, local and central government actors, the diplomatic community, and business representatives.

All the funding raised during this event will go to support our field programs and key partner organizations working to support girls and women victims of gender-based violence.

Areas of support are: Basic needs (food, self-care items, and shelter), psychosocial help, vocational training and life skills, as well as supporting women with start-up initiatives.