Durrës: Tourism

The youth of Durrës consider tourism as a key element for life improvement in rural and urban areas, even more so after the earthquakes that hit the area in 2019 and the Covid-19 outbreak. They ask support for the promotion of family and cultural tourism, as well as strategic investments for their area.

The city of Durrës is one of the most visited sites in Albania....and that’s because it’s worth it!  Today we are virtually taking you to visit the top 5 destinations in our city that you can visit also with your families.

Every city has its own unique history. Have you ever heard of Durrës Amphitheater? It’s the largest, not only in Albania but in the entire Balkan Region. 

Durrës Archaeological Museum is among the most important museums in Albania, displaying a total of 3204 items. If you visit Durrës Amphitheater and the Archeological Museum, you’ll discover a side of the town unknown to you before.

One day may not be enough to visit our city, but in order to have a full view of the city from above, you may go at the Royal Villa of Durrës (commonly known as Zog's Villa of Durrës). This historical building is located on top of a hill.

Taulantia Avenue is the next attraction. It’s ideal to have a walk with your family and enjoy the Adriatic breeze.

This is the Cape of Rodon, completely detached from the noisy urban life. Once you visit the castle, you may go on and have some quiet moments amidst the nature-green and sky-blue colors composing the mountainous landscape.

During the last year, our city, an Albanian tourist center was hit by a powerful earthquake. It was devastating, but we remain hopeful that tourism will help the city recover and go back as before.