At the farm of two young people

Alfred in the farm
Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Many young people think seriously of leaving Albania but this is not the case with Alfred, a young farmer living in one of Kurbin's villages. He tells us with a conviction to be envied, that in Albania, he has everything he needs. We met him in person. We spoke about his dreams and projects. We saw the incredible work he is carrying out and the encouraging results he is achieving.

The Kurbin farmer is an encouraging example for every youth, a model to promote. "Working in agriculture and husbandry you can raise a good family income. Albania can also provides possibilities to build a better life, notwithstanding difficulties," the 33-years-old says in his message, while he urges the other youth to commit to agriculture and husbandry.

He has a diploma in veterinary and a special passion for the land and animals. He guarantees that no one can lose by working in agriculture and animal husbandry.

"I have 15 cows, for which I take care myself. It is hard work, but the profits from the sale of cheese and milk are encouraging," he adds. The young farmer has also been supported by World Vision Albania in his efforts to create the basis for a sustainable family economy; with cow milking machines, irrigation pumps, and different trainings.

Alfred has joined forces with another local youth creating a farm with over 100 goats. According to him, goats belong to a special breed that is not found in Albania and this has enabled their products to be much in demand by the local citizens and even further. The two youth have rented over 200 dunams of land, which they use as goat pasturage land, and also to cultivate alfalfa and other agriculture according to their needs.

Alfred hopes that cooperation with his friend will be be more complete when they build an agritourism structure and a dairy. Joining the forces between the two youth has begun to yield results.

"The goats are a Spanish breed and the milk quality is extraordinary. We sell the products without going to the market. Customers come and buy them directly at the farm. We are 100 percent sure of our products' sale/ For the New Year celebration, we had no cheese remaining not even for our personal use. We are working to create our own milk and milk by-products brand," says the 33-year-old, being very clear of his future plans.

Even though his days are tiring, Alfred engages voluntarily with World Vision Albania for the "Family economic development" project, which is being implemented in the Kurbin municipality. He has participated in many trainings for farmers where topics such as farm management, cattle breeding, plant growth, nutrition, etc., have been addressed. Thanks to his noted commitment and knowledge increase, Alfred has been elected to also lead a group of 20 farmers in his area.

"I would say to youth, 'don't go away but use the possibilities this blessed land provides us'," this is the concluding message from the young farmer. He calls on the institutions to increase investments in agriculture and animal husbandry.

450 farmers in the Kurbin area have benefited from the World Vision projects in the last two years only. Farmers have been trained for animal hygiene and growth, plant nutrition, and vegetable cultures, while 100 of them have been supported with agricultural inputs such as olives, irrigation and sprinkler pumps, grape presses, cow milking machines, or even beehives.