Goodwill ambassadors’ reception - World Vision Albania

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Since a few years now, notable representatives of sport, music, filmmaking and journalism have joined World Vision Albania (WVA) Goodwill Ambassador Team. These distinguished personalities have raised awareness and mobilised support through their engagement in various activities; they have inspired young people, communities across the country; and have given a voice to WVA social causes.

Luiza Gega, is an Albanian young athlete who won several medals, including the gold medal she won in the Athletics Championship in 3000-meter steeplechase competition that took place in Munich on August 20th.   

Nik Xhelilaj, is the well-known Albanian actor, who supported WV causes and stirred young people with his humble attitude and warmhearted messages dedicated to adolescents and youth. 

Alban Skënderaj, a well-known singer and beloved one.

Arlinda Çausholli, is a publicist and author. She is the founder of Fit For Future Movement aimed at improving communication skills, achieving a professional human attitude, personal development and leadership.

World Vision Albania organiaed an event to honor and publicly recognise their efforts in promoting the rights of children and adolescents in Albania.