Kamza: Education, training and tourism

The city has a unique welcoming for foreigners: Welcome to Kamza city! The main streets in Kamza, part of Tirana Region, have been named after the most famous cities all over the world, thus making the local and foreign tourists be interested in the city. The locals have migrated into the area, thus bringing the culture and the traditions of their own hometowns.

Did you know that, contrary to the common perception, the city of Kamza has not been recently founded?

The name Kamza came of use in 1430. The lands back then were thriving in wild olive trees. Around the base of the trunk there were many seedlings (called Kamza in Albanian), and this is where the city took its name from.

Kamza population has seen an increasing trend ever since 1996. The city is now home to more than 90 thousand inhabitants with an average age much younger compared to Tirana or the rest of the country. Kamza is located at the heart of the strategic triangle Tirana-Rinas-Durrës, which offers great opportunities for development. Bovilla Lake, one of the most interesting sites to explore in Tirana region, is pretty close to our community. If the community and youth manage to get some support in promoting the area, opportunities for development would be considerably increased.