Debora writing

A letter by a friend

This is not the letter of a professional writer or a journalist. It is written by Debora, a 17-years old, member of the IMPACT youth group in Kamza Municipality. The high school student is among the most engaged youth in her area. Throughout the years, supported by World Vision, she has been involved in several community campaigns and initiatives focused on children's rights, violence, bullying, and online safety. Today, she decided to address an encouraging message to her peers for their reflection. Debora writes that it is important to know that no one is perfect, but each person has qualities and skills that make us unique and irreplaceable. Her call to youth and every one of us is to work on 'discovering' ourselves.

"It is beautiful to give the time to your soul to find itself. That's why you shouldn't fight your thoughts but should find time to discover the colors of your being," Debora writes. She has been a member of the “Young REPORTERS” blog for three years, a space provided to youth to speak up regarding issues  in their communities that concerns them.

The complete article: Discover your colours

We hurry to reach the classroom, we run to meetings, and we increase the pace always. The momentum takes us and we become part of a dense maelstrom of thoughts, acts, and emotions. Hand to hand, from one space to another, we move in the city full of lights. The noise becomes deafening, the lights become blinding, while the adrenaline is always increasing. We desire to find answers, solutions, and reasonings.

We "dig" endlessly toward them. The days pass while we look for our mission. The nights pass away crawling in sleepy thoughts. But this is not the only dilemma, 100 other problems trouble us. But for whom are we speaking?

Today we "question" the chaste spirit of a youth, mine, yours, theirs. I speak about us, my friends. We wish to understand who we are. Strange, isn’t it? I know who I am, at least most of the time. Sometimes I don't, but don't worry, this is normal. Where do I wish to go? What do I wish to do? How will I achieve it? These are some questions that trouble us. I am writing this letter to soothe you somehow, not to give you any answer. We toss and turn endlessly to understand everything, now; to decide, now; to guide things exactly now. Maybe it is not only our fault, all the society is forcing this approach.

"Come on now, for a few months you will be in the University. Decide what you wish for.” We hear this phrase often, by friends and family. The delicate age stifles us and crashes our dreams and hopes. It is a repetitive cycle. We forget that we need a whole life to know and understand ourselves. Even the favorite colour changes. How could our aspirations, goals, the people around us, or circumstances remain unchanged? The only thing constant is change and change is beautiful. Indecision at one stage of life is a beautiful thing. It is also beautiful to give the time to your soul to find itself. Therefore, don't fight your thoughts. Sometimes, the problem exists only in our minds. With much love and kindness, I invite you to find time to discover the colours of your own self. Pass time with yourself. Discover your desires, your strong and weak points. Forgive yourself. Learn to love yourself in a way that no one else can do it. I am doing the same. Don't forget; be polite to yourself. Only when we get to know better ourselves, the strong and weak points, the talents, and the fields in need of improvement, only then can we walk safely toward the future. Know yourself and work to develop your talents. This is the recipe.

These words were written by Debora immediately after the "Dare to discover" training, held with the IMPACT group youth in Kamza. This training enables them to know themselves better and encourages them to develop skills and make plans for the future. World Vision works with over 2,700 youth in Albania, helping them to develop and strengthen essential life abilities and grow as individuals.