Gëzimi and his family

Loving the family makes sweet even challenges

It is not the difficulties that we go through that shape happiness in our families, but the respect and care we show to each other. This is the Gëzim's message from Kurbin. He shows how to find joy and hope even when you struggle.

"I understood that even though I am unable to do certain things physically, there are many things I can still do for my children and family. Love for each other is what gives value to our lives," tells Gëzim, who together with with his wife, Albarina, has been part of the "Celebrating Families” training for four months.

Gëzim, 40, has been diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy. His physical disability has often been a barrier for him to lead the family. He shares that the language of love makes sweet even challenges.

"I am on a wheelchair with a disability and it is very difficult for me to take care of my children. My wife took more responsibilities than me,'' continues Gëzim.

''During the meetings with the parents, we learnt simple methods to essentially strengthen the relationship between parents and children. In each topic I was learning simple but very valuable things. We, parents usually overlook, such as forgiveness and the children's spiritual education. All were spiritual things and not material, but if we apply them truly they affect very much the good upkeeping of children. Whatever we learnt, we try to apply at home all the time," shares Gezim.

Speaking about meeting Gëzim, Albarina cannot hide her emotions. The 38-year-old says that she fell in love with her husband's heart, his character, and his manners.

"While we were dating, Gëzim was not in a wheelchair, but it was expected. It was love that brought us to marriage. The love that was born in us since we met has kept and continues to keep alive our family," she underlines.

Albarina is a social worker by profession and she says that she loves to work with children, but the "Celebrating Families" training has equipped her with new knowledge to build stronger and healthy relationships with the children and her husband.

"We have a family where the relationship is normal. We try to do our best, but the "Celebrating Families" training has made us think and reflect more. We have been informed of some very simple practices, but which we have undervalued sometimes and not set as priorities," she tells us.

Albarina emphasizes that now she passes more time with her two children; Briela, 2 years old and Emanuel, 5 years old. She tells us also that she is passing more personal time with Gëzim, while they take together decision for their family.

"The most special session was: 5 languages of love, where we learned some very simple and costless ways to make the family members feel well and valuable. Now we talk together about everything," she adds.

Albarina is not applying the lessons learned by the training only with her family. She says that she discusses often with her colleagues and friends, talking to them even about the training specific parts.

"Parents play an essential role in making the family an environment where each member will feel loved, listened to, accepted, and valuable. Parenting is a daily process, and there is always room for improvement. If we listen and appreciate each-other, we will build healthy families," the couple from Kurbin conclude their message.