REINVEST- Abdurrahmani from Dibra: How I found my future in Albania

The story of Abdurrahman who won the start-up on beekeeping

Abdurrahman's family emigrated to Germany for a better life.

“It's a huge responsibility to go and take your family with you to Germany. We barely knew the country, but considering our economic situation and education of children, we decided to leave together. We were constantly perturbed, angry and stressed. I got a negative answer from the German State and I was forced to return to Albania,”- says Abdurrahman.

Upon its return to Albania, Abdurrahman's family was assisted by REINVEST project. Thanks to this project, they have received various trainings about discipline, parenting, family communication, while children have attended summer camps. What's more important, they got trained on how to take care of bee-hives.

“I have spent all my life migrating. I have done many jobs - construction, agriculture, or farming, but never had crossed my mind that one day I would become a beekeeper. I finally made it. These are my bees, and I am very happy with my business,”- he says.  

''Here's my message to all Albanians: If you think that the only way is migration, well, think again. Hard-workers can earn here as well. Just like an Albanian proverb says 'Heavy stone in its own'".

109 individuals were announced winners of start-up ideas in 13 municipalities of Albania.