The voice of youth in media and news verification

Youth training
Wednesday, July 13, 2022

"Fake news is just modern forms of propaganda and deception. In the internet age, we are all at risk from inaccurate news, so the information we receive should be verified," says Gersi from Kamza.

Eighteen youth in the Kamza area World Vision works with have become part of a training that helps them to be more careful with the information they read in different media, which they can then share on their social media profiles.

Journalists from the Citizens Channel media introduced youth to the fact verifying methodology, media ethics, and how to be careful not to fall prey to disinformation. They were introduced to real examples of media discrimination, stereotypes, and prejudice, and how to discern them when they read different articles. In the internet age, with the increase in information opportunities, manipulated content and fake news increase as well. The IMPACT groups youth expressed their concern about the genuineness of much information they read online, mainly through social media.

"The training has equipped us with capabilities and techniques to discern facts from opinions, quality news from propagandistic news,"- Gersi underlines once more.

In total, 164 youth from the IMPACT groups in Dibra, Shkodra, Kurbin, Kamza, Durrës, Librazhd, and Korça have been involved for 4 months in courses and training regarding education and media, in the framework of cooperation between World Vision and Irex Albania. The goal of "Youth Reporting Albania Program" project is to equip youth with knowledge regarding media education, fact verification, and ethical and multimedia reporting. The project assists youth not only to become news critic consumers but also to contribute with their articles and reactions in media and social networks. After the training, some youth will have the opportunity to write articles based on facts about issues of concern in their communities and the opportunity to practice.