Youth initiative “My calming space” - Youth Festival 2021

Youth from World Vision Albania IMPACT Clubs in the 5th “Youth Festival” ACT4IMPACT.

“The pandemic was and continues to be one of the most challenging periods. Youth considered how they might help peers cope with stress, which led to the development of the 'My Calming Space'. All students who are stressed or anxious, or need to get out of their routine due to classes or personal matters, can use 'My Calming Space' to relax by doing things they enjoy, such as painting, reading, handicrafts, table games, and so on. It also provides a comfortable space for discussions between school staff and parents. 

Mental health is just as essential as physical health. As a result, it is critical that decision-making institutions, organizations, partners, donors, and businesses join us in engaging the young generation in the development of the so-called century skill.”

In 2021, 2,100 young people from IMPACT clubs completed 49 community projects that were designed and implemented by youth. The major goal of these projects was to promote mental health and build resilience via sports, arts, outdoors activities, reading, and quality time together.