Emergency aid for flood victims

According to OCHA, more than 340,000 people across the country are affected by the ongoing floods since 2022. One of the most affected provinces is Logone Occidental. The province of Logone Occidental is composed of four departments, namely Lac Wey, Ngourkosso, Gueni, and Dodje, with a total estimated population of 1,318,000. According to the latest multi-sectoral assessment conducted by OCHA and the Humanitarian Community in the four southern provinces of which Logone Occidental is a part, 3,546 households are affected instead of the 2,617 initially recorded. To date, the flooding continues to have a negative impact on the population of Logone Occidental. As many homes have been destroyed, the government has indicated the need to construct shelters as well as distribute essential household items.
In addition, there is a need to rehabilitate and construct water points and/or water treatment systems, build emergency latrines and showers, provide hygiene materials (soap), and promote sanitation and hygiene.