A pupil at Falayan Primary School in Mali, demonstrates hand-washing techniques to follow students. World Vision has promoted better hygiene standards.

No Coronavirus Case in Mali: World Vision Pre-positioned Hand Washing

By Michael Arunga, World Vision Mali Emergency Communications Specialist

World Vision Mali, already faced with a Category III Emergency with a National Office Response, is adequately prepared for the coronavirus, even before a single case is reported in the country.

Even before the coronavirus raged, World Vision Mali had instituted hygiene measures to enhance cleanliness that include availing clean water, tablets of soap and holding numerous training sessions that equipped people on how to keep their hands clean.

“Health interventions is one of our key areas. Based on the Contingency planning we prepared for the  COVID-19, we had already instituted measures that include distribution of hygiene kits in strategic locations such as  World Vision’s operational offices, schools, health institutions and even airports,” World Vision Mali HEA Director, Simon Mane says.

In Central Mali where the conflict has led to an upsurge of internally displaced people, World Vision plans to soon place hand washing kits at strategic locations and trained beneficiaries on how to use them.

“These measures have proved strategic as thousands of displaced people are living in camps, where World Vision Mali and other humanitarian organisations continue offering relief services,” Simon says.

While many countries across Africa have embarked on an aggressive public health campaign, the benefits of World Vision Mali’s health interventions that included enhancing hygienic standards may be crucial contributors to the delayed spread of the raging coronavirus.

Editor’s Note:

For more information on the coronavirus and efforts of World Vision Mali, please contact:

Simon Mane, Mali Humanitarian Emergency Affairs Director
Cell phone: +223 68 60 34 96
E-mail: simon_mane@wvi.org

Simon is available for French interviews.