Yahouza 42 years old, near a pump done in his community

"I no longer need to reimburse debts" - Yahouza's clean water story

Life has not been easy for Yahouza, a 42-year-old father of 15 children who lives in Kalgon Ajia village in Maradi region. Because his village had no clean water, his wife would fetch water for the family from a well in a neighbouring village. His children were often sick from drinking the well water. He often went into debt to take them to the health centre. To repay his debtors, Yahouza had to work in people's fields in order to earn money.

Now with the support of World Vision's Niger Charity Water Project, his village and three others are benefiting from 28 pumps, which provide clean water to more than 39,000 persons in Chadakori commune in Maradi region.

‘’My wife spent two hours on a daily basis to fetch water from a well in the neighbouring village. Our children were in constant distress from stomach aches and diarrhoea. But today thanks to the provision of these pumps, I no longer need to work in people's fields to earn money to reimburse my debts. My wife is happy she does not have to walk and carry water for long distances; I am now the one who goes to fetch clean water from the pump. Our children are healthy and I am relieved.", says Yahouza.

He adds: "My community organised a maintenance committee for the pumps and I am the person responsible. I ensure that hygiene around the pumps is respected. I organise women to clean the borehole’s surroundings daily. The committee charges 15 FCFA (3 US cents) per 25 litres; money it uses to maintain the facility. I am so grateful to those who made this possible, because even if World Vision leaves our community, I am sure we will sustain the work they have accomplished.

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