Zeinabou her mother, sisters and brother at the distribution

Relief for Zeinabou and her family after their house collapsed due to floods in Zinder

"Here was my home," explains 13-year-old Zeinabou, pointing at a small lot cluttered with clay and wood. It was a rainy morning when she and her family escaped death in the collapse of their home due to floods. Zeinabou was sleeping in their house when her big brother came to wake her and her two little sisters up.

 “He said 'Wake up, wake up, the rain has flooded the village',” recounts Zeinabou. "I was startled and immediately got up. We didn't have time to save all our belongings; our house was already collapsing," she adds.

Zeinabou lives in Marassai, a village located in Zinder Region, where all the houses are made of clay; a material which is not resistant to heavy rains. Now refugees in a school after the floods, Zeinabou and her family currently live with her grandfather. The precariousness of life in this small village has been worsened by floods, which have taken almost everything from the population.

 “Even before our house fell, we didn't have an opulent life, but we were fine. Now with my grandfather, it is very difficult. Four of us have to have to share a single blanket on an old mat. I get very cold at night and I am disturbed by ants and bugs which come out from the wet ground and sting me " a sad Zeinabou adds.

In Marassai, World Vision aims to reduce the vulnerability of communities from within its areas of intervention, and in particular children registered under World Vision's sponsorship programme through donations. Thus, 300 sponsored children whose families houses collapsed received donations of non-food items.

“I thank World Vision for all they are doing for us. What I like the most are the mats and blankets. Finally, I will no longer be cold at night and I will be able to sleep on a real mat. Also we will finally be able to sleep in twos instead of fours on the mats." Zeinabou rejoices.