Youth Ready Program: youth ready to develop skills, undertake, work and serve the community

STEP (Skills Training for Employment Program) is a project financed by global affairs Canada and implemented by World Vision in partnership with the Entrepreneurial Network Enablis and International Garden Development (DID). Scheduled for a period of 3 years, the implementation of the project on the ground started since March 2017.

The aim of the STEP project is to increase the economic prosperity of the target populations through a vocational training program for employment, incorporating the gender dimension. As a result, the STEP project focuses on young girls and boys aged 18-24 who graduated from TVET, out-of-school youth and young people in TVET training. To achieve its objectives, the STEP project implements a flagship programme called Youth Ready.

Youth Ready is an approach developed by World Vision International to bring hope to unemployed, out-of-school and multi-tempted youth, including emigration at any cost. The "Youth Ready" program prepares out-of-school, unemployed and illiterate youth for work and life by providing them with second-chance literacy training, life skills training, and training and support; It is a global, evidence-based, cross-sectoral approach to youth development that prepares adolescents and young people for economic opportunities and contributes to the common good and the protection of others as active and engaged citizens.